Understanding and improving all aspects of water within the Adur and Ouse catchment

Our catchment area is a beautiful part of south east England, showcasing rolling chalk downland, white cliff faces and the rivers Adur and Ouse, which flow from forest streams in the High Weald to their highly urbanised estuaries on the Sussex coast at Shoreham and Newhaven.

This website is home to Adur & Ouse Partnership and Catchment Management Plan. Our aim is to work together with others, to protect and improve the rivers Adur and Ouse, their coastline and underlying groundwater, for people and for wildlife.

We invite any group or organisation with similar aspirations to join us on our journey to deliver truly integrated and comprehensive catchment management.

Our themes:

Latest news

South East Water are currently recruiting. Job adverts for the Environmental Team can be found on their careers website

South East Water have teamed up with Catchment Sensitive Farming to work with farmers and land managers to improve water quality and increase on-farm efficacy. Take a look at the most recent newsletter for the Ouse here.

The Environment Agency has just launched a leaflet which summarises their messages to farmers. Read it here The clear and consistent messages and information aims to help farmers to manage environmental impacts to improve and protect soil health, water quality and resources. Reduce and manage flood risk. Protect air quality and adapt to a changing climate.

To view the Brighton Chalk Block, River Adur, River Ouse, Sussex Coast catchments, roll over the map below

Brighton Chalk Block Brighton Chalk Block Brighton Chalk Block Brighton Chalk Block Brighton Chalk Block Brighton Chalk Block River Adur River Ouse Sussex Coast

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