Understanding and improving all aspects of water within the Adur and Ouse catchment

Our catchment area is a beautiful part of south east England, showcasing rolling chalk downland, white cliff faces and the rivers Adur and Ouse, which flow from forest streams in the High Weald to their highly urbanised estuaries on the Sussex coast at Shoreham and Newhaven.

This website is home to Adur & Ouse Partnership and Catchment Management Plan. Our aim is to work together with others, to protect and improve the rivers Adur and Ouse, their coastline and underlying groundwater, for people and for wildlife.

We invite any group or organisation with similar aspirations to join us on our journey to deliver truly integrated and comprehensive catchment management.

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Water draining from horse paddocks can contribute to water pollution. Water from hay net soaking and washing down areas can contain nutrients and sediment which can be harmful to the environment and human health if it enters ditches, streams, groundwater or drains.  For 10 simple ways you can help, take a look at our equine awareness leaflet 

Invasive non-native species harm the environment and our wildlife and the UK has seen a dramatic increase in the number of species arriving in recent years, with little indication of this trend slowing! So please raise awareness and let others know what they can do. Find out more at the GB non-native species secretariat

The Rivers Trust release three new animations to visually explain the basic concept of natural capital and ecosystem services. Take a look here

To view the Brighton Chalk Block, River Adur, River Ouse, Sussex Coast catchments, roll over the map below

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