In Spring 2011 Defra commissioned a catchment pilot initiative, to develop new engagement and collaboration techniques to help deliver the objectives of the Water Framework Directive. The Adur and Ouse catchment was one of 10 initial pilots, 'hosted' by the Environment Agency and tasked with:

  • better understanding local issues
  • sharing knowledge and evidence
  • working out shared priorities and opportunities to collaborate
  • delivering integrated actions to improve the water catchment

This work brought together a broad range of organisations all with an interest in the Adur and Ouse water catchment, who agreed to work together to produce a Catchment Management Plan by December 2012, which was a requirement of the pilot initiative. This was how the Adur and Ouse Partnership was formed.

Two years on, the Partnership is now 'hosted' by the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust (OART). Their role is to champion the approach, corral interested groups and organisations, and facilitate delivery in line with Defra's policy framework on integrated catchment management. OART works with a Steering Group that meets quarterly and oversees three discrete projects groups, established to deliver agreed actions for surface waters, groundwater and coastal waters.   

Whilst the Steering Group comprises the original 'core' of people that wrote the 2012 Catchment Management Plan, the Partnership in its broadest sense includes anyone who is willing and able to contribute to achieving our vision in a collaborative and integrated way. This will enable us to bring together more ideas and activities, some of which may cover facets not captured in the 2012 Catchment Management Plan. For example, flood and coastal risk management, climate change mitigation, recreation and access to rivers. 

This website provides a new home for the Adur and Ouse integrated catchment management plan, to share and evolve it into a comprehensive hub of information and action needed to improve our local waters. We look forward to working widely with others as we contrinue on this journey.

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