The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) commissioned ten pilot studies in the spring of 2011, to explore and evaluate existing and new engagement and collaboration techniques. The Adur and Ouse catchment was one of those ten pilot sites, feeding into Defra's catchment pilot initiative, which concluded in December 2012.

The Adur and Ouse Catchment Management Plan (December 2012) is a product of this initiative, and contains a large suite of objectives, targets and actions that were written and agreed collectively, by all partners involved, to protect and improve our natural waters.

This website is the new 'home' for the Adur and Ouse Catchment Management Plan, conveying information, ambitions, projects and progress in a user-friendly, up to date and visual way.

The Catchment Management Plan (December 2012), on which this website has been based, can be viewed here.  Our Catchment Management Plan Update (September 2019) can be viewed here.

Catchment Management Plan cover

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