Our vision is to understand and improve all aspects of water within the Adur and Ouse catchment.

Our rivers, groundwater and coastline are highly valued by those who live, work and visit here. They are a fundamental natural asset (or natural capital) that we rely on for drinking water, agriculture and food production, port and navigation facilities, commercial fisheries, recreational pursuits and tourism, as well as a wide and precious range of habitats that maintain natural processes, biodiversity and general wellbeing.

The complex nature of this environment cannot be successfully managed in pockets by isolated groups. Information needs to be shared and acted upon in a considered, collaborative and holistic way, to enable sustainable management of this natural asset so that it can be paid for and benefited from by all.

Our efforts are structured around five themes, which we believe represent the key areas of work required for this vision to start to be fulfilled. The work categorised under each theme will inevitably overlap, because of the complex interactions that go on in the environment. Improvements and actions captured under each theme will often help to adress multiple issues, some of which are not yet articulated in our Catchment Management Plan. These include for example flood risk management, climate change, recreation, access and heritage.

Our objectives

We have drawn up a suite of 21 objectives, each with associated targets and actions, designed to help achieve our vision. These objectives, targets and actions make up our Catchment Management Plan, drafted in 2012 as part of Defra's catchment pilot initiative.

This website is the new 'home' for the Adur and Ouse Catchment Management Plan, conveying information, ambitions, projects and progress in a more user-friendly, up to date and visual way. Our objectives, targets and actions from the 2012 document are referenced and linked throughout the site, to help us demonstrate that all aspects of delivery are underpinned by clear and shared goals.


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