The natural water environment of the Adur & Ouse Catchment is complex, consisting of small headwater streams, spring fed chalk-streams, wetlands, ponds, aquifers, estuaries and marine habitats. All of these are under pressure but the issues vary widely as do the solutions.

We have developed a “Catchment Management Plan” which has broken down this complexity into five categories.

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Coastal Waters

The estuaries and marine environment provide precious habitats and a range of benefits. Find out more about our aims for the central Sussex Coast.

Natural Flood Management

How we work with nature and natural processes across the catchment to reduce the risk of flooding to local communities in our area.


Find out more about how we are supporting the protection of water in the aquifers of the South Downs, a vital supply of drinking water.

Natural Rivers

This is what we want, natural rivers full of a diverse range of wildlife and able to provide a recreational resource for communities.

Surface Water Quality

Many of our waterways suffer from pollution from a wide range of diffuse and point sources. Find out how we are working to improve this.

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