Understanding and improving all aspects of water within the Adur and Ouse catchment Our catchment area is a beautiful part of south east England, showcasing rolling chalk downland, white cliff faces and the rivers Adur and Ouse, which flow from forest streams in the High Weald to their highly urbanised estuaries on the Sussex coast at Shoreham and … Continued

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To view the Brighton Chalk Block, River Adur, River Ouse, Sussex Coast catchments, roll over the map below {{ MainMap }}

Waterbody Summary Sheets

The Environment Agency (EA) has produced ‘waterbody summary sheets’ for all tributaries and stretches of the rivers Adur and Ouse. These summarise the evidence and data EA holds on each stretch, documenting the reasons why that part of the river fails to meet Water Framework Directive objectives. You can view the waterbody summary sheet(s) of … Continued


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