Sussex Flow Initiative Annual Report

The Sussex Flow Initiative has published it’s end of year report that outlines the amount of work delivered this year.

A few highlights from 2020/21:

  • We influenced approximately 537 hectares of land, equivalent to the size of 20,406 tennis courts.
  • We created 1 scrapes and ponds, storing approximately 132,500 litres 
  • reconnected 3.3 hectares of floodplain to the river, equivalent to the size of 125.4 tennis courts.
  • Based on Natural England figures the trees and hedgerows planted will be storing 114.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent per year, after 1 year of growth.
  • PLUS many more achievements!  These are detailed in the report linked below.

SFI have completed the annual report and the summary report, which can be found on the Sussex Flow Initiative’s website or by clicking the relevant link.

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