How to reduce your footprint on the local marine environment

The Beachy Head West Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) stretches 24km along the Sussex coast from Brighton to Beachy Head. The area is designated for its rare and important chalk reef habitat and species such as the short snouted seahorse.

Herbicide use next to rivers

The Environment Agency has issued guidance on the herbicide products that can be used in or near water and who can use them. For more information    

A better protected Sussex Blue Belt

Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority are a member of the Adur & Ouse Partnership. They have worked with the community to get protection for the Sussex blue belt conservation sites.

NEW 2017 Student Projects

Members of the AOCP are able to support student research projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Please contact the listed organisations directly. For more information…  

Alternative slug control methods

Southern Water and South East Water have formed a partnership with Catchment Sensitive Farming to work with farmers across the SE of England. As part of a range of incentives to protect water quality in our local rivers, the water companies are offering ferric phosphate substitution agreements at £1 per Kg incentive.  Read more…  

Managing your Septic Tank

The Adur & Ouse Catchment Partnership have published new guidance on septic tanks for households. If you have a septic tank find out more here…  

Phosphate – a dirty secret

The Adur & Ouse Catchment Partnership have launched a new leaflet to raise awareness of the problems phosphates can cause to our rivers and waterbodies.  Read the leaflet here…

Twineham Restoration


An in-channel restoration project to provide habitat for invertebrates and fish at all life stages.

Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme

Come along and look at our current plans for reducing flood risk in Newhaven.

Upstream Thinking Project – Newsletter

Catchment Sensitive Farming and South East Water have begun a new partnership project. The project aims to work with farmers and land managers to help deliver water quality improvements and increase on-farm efficiency. Link to newsletter  

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