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Restoring Natural Processes on the Knepp Estate

Read Fran Southgate’s account of the day she spent with volunteers on the western arm of the River Adur.

Sussex Wildlife Trust Article

Fisheries, Biodiversity and Geomorphology Winter Newsletter

The Environment Agency’s Fisheries, Biodiversity and Geomorphology Winter Newsletter celebrates the successes of its teams in East and West Sussex, Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight. There is a particular focus on working in partnership with others.

Read the Winter Newsletter

Shipley tilting gate is removed

Shipley tilting gate, on the Knepp Estate, has been removed to enable fish to once more swim upstream on the western arm of the Adur.

Waterbody summaries right column

Brighton Chalk Integrated Catchment Management Partnership (Brighton ChaMP)

Improving land management practices to protect and improve the quality of groundwater in the aquifer, to ensure it remains a sustainable water resource for public water supply.  

Twineham Weirs (ARPHA)

Three of the 12 priority sites for appraisal and improvements in the Adur Restoration of Physical Habitats (ARPHA) strategy. 

Banks Farm restoration project

Habitat creation on the Bevern stream to improve the river for coarse fish populations.

Barcombe Mills eel pass

Installation of an eel pass along a series of weirs to aid eel and elver passage upstream.

Fletching Mill (MORPH)

One of the 15 priority sites for appraisal and improvement in the Middle Ouse Restoration of Physical Habitats (MORPH) project.

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